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I have always enjoyed the various hand craft arts during my life. I learned at the hands of my Mother and both Grandmothers many of the skills I am thankful for today. My quilting journey began with my first Granddaughter more than 17 years ago. I have learned many skills from the wonderful people I have met over those years. As I looked at the possibility of retirement approaching I decided I was not done with this working life and wanted to be productive, earning and contributing for many years to come. My search for what that would be ended when my husband and I purchased the Gammill/Statler Stitcher System and started this business.

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About Us

In the past several years there has been a virtual explosion of digital patterns created by many artisans for computerized stitching onto quilts. In many cases, these patterns are used alone or in combination with others to create the beautiful finished quilts we see today. We have the ability to create the all over patterns that are so popular today as well as custom designs on quilts you want in your home.

Our desire is to provide these quilts, with your   input, utilizing the computerized Gammill Optimum with Statler Stitcher system to create a unique piece of beautiful art or a functional quilt for you to take home and enjoy. 

Many kinds of quilts and how I got to be here

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